Why the Beard Like to Women? And what conditions

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The shabby look does not ‘pull’. And to make the winning choice just be inspired by the stars

From the simple barber shop to real beard and hair boutiques. Italian, french and german cities are populating barberies. It’s no coincidence, and just look around to understand why. The beard is the fashion of the moment and to show it is especially the youngest, the under 40s. But there is beard and beard and if until some time ago the outdated look, the so-called ‘out of bed’, was strong, it is now the time of ‘design beard’, literally ‘design beard’. The name comes from the cure and the precision with which it is shaved, as if it was ‘drawn’ on the face of man.

From America to Central Europe, it is boom of carved barbeque
In America, barber shops, specialized facial shaving shops, are widely used, and in Italy, as of 2013, they have been assaulted. Men dedicate part of their free time to face care by specialized barbers (45%) or centers that use new technologies, such as laser (38%), for the final epilation. This is apparent from a study conducted by Quanta System Observatory – an observer interested, as it produces laser for aesthetic use – on trends related to the world of aesthetics made by about 2,500 Italians between the ages of 18 and 65.

Why this one are women’s preferred?
65% of women prefer a bearded man, provided it is well defined. In particular, 33% of europeans love the man with a short, well-groomed beard, capable of balancing the face. 28%, on the other hand, likes the man with a semi-thick, but carved beard, for example, with rounded visions, stretching and having a captivating effect (38%) and sexy (35%). For a woman of 2 (46%), facial care makes the man more orderly, but most reliable (52%).

According to women, the man with the ordered face gives the idea of ​​what he takes care of himself and hence of his personal affections (54%), a methodologist who leaves nothing to chance (46%) and a person who holds his personal hygiene (42%).

But the beard is not good for everyone, one has to take into account the shape of the face (42%) and the typology, whether it is dull or thick. Another cause that causes people to lose points is to grow it without curing it (35%).

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The stars that make a tendency

Among the Hollywood stars there are those who do not give up just to care for the beard: Chris Pine (33%), an American actor especially known for playing James T. Kirk's roles in Star Trek movies, consents among women when she wears her beard and well-cared. The same argument applies to Ryan Reynolds (32%), star of the movie 'Green Lantern' and Blake Lively's husband. Sean Connery (25%), an undisputed symbol of agnes elegance, also boasts a unique charm thanks to the care of his face. Johnny Depp (24%), however, is fascinating in the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, and is also in his life with a mustache and a pizza almost always in order. Finally, top 5 David Beckham (21%), who never gives up on the short and well-defined beard

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