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No fear: you can even make people smile
In addition to emphasizing hard work, Instagram can also be used for lighter entertainment. It is important to think about which types of posts can have more resonance among users, such as fun content, and use them to increase the knowledge of your page.

According to a recent survey, social media users are more likely to share content if they are humorous and informative. Charity associations, especially those related to animals, often use this two-stage approach to engage users, as for example the WWF, blending the same content with irony and mission, creating content that may have (within the context animalist) also a reasonable success in terms of engagement.

Capitalize the involvement of people
While Facebook and Twitter are more used to collect direct donations, Instagram can be effective to engage people directly in the campaign, making them direct testimonials, using content that encourages users to participate.

MacmillanCancer encourages users to get involved in its “#LifeWithCancer” campaign, publishing images of the daily scene of people living and fighting with the disease, effectively focusing on the lever of emotion.

Reaching the beneficiaries of their business
You can use social media to promote and search for funds for your business goals, or to act effectively, using the digital tool to achieve your goals. Especially for associations that help younger people, Instagram can be an excellent tool to get in touch with those directly involved in their work.

Young Scot, an association for young Scottish, publishes tips and advice on various topics, such as security on social media or how to remedy depression. In addition to public councils, there are often direct contacts that users can use to get in touch with the association.

Are we going good?
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Show your results

Finally, charitable organizations can also use Instagram as a vehicle to show their results, showing directly that investments (and their donations) have been used in the best possible way.


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