Samsung Galaxy Note 8, introducing Aug 23 NYC

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The real blow is being prepared by Samsung on August 23, New York, to present the new Galaxy Note 8. The successor to the notorious Note 7 (the one that exploded to understand) should be capable of delivering the leader scepter to Samsung, Concerns the phablet sector. Nintendo smartphone has always been one of the strengths of the Korean house. And the vicissitudes of model 7 have created very important economic and image damage. It will be a good test. The design, according to rumors leaked up to now, will be very similar to the Galaxy S8 (the best Android of this 2017, no doubt) but on the rear body will appear a dual camera. The market, as always, will tell us if Samsung has been up.

New option, new hopes
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 performance project by Udart
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 performance project by Smarty

All around the world people expects

Gilbert Brown, from Cardiff says:
"Yeah! Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be sex, drugs and rock and roll.
We are waiting for it".

Pedro Domínguez, from Colombia:
"Toda esta vaina de los teléfonos inteligentes es muy berraca. El Note 8 es un caimán. Que venga"

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