Youtubers V: More and more

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Lindsey Stirling, has raised more than $ 6 million and is the “youtuber girl” with higher incomes. Her profile is highly cultural. Quite unlike her more famous colleagues, she is a violinist, dancer, and her music videos are nice and strong. For many people, Lindsey is the great cultural reserve in the digital communications world. She was born in Sep 86. She lives in California / USA. She began posting videos on YouTube in 2007. There are about 8 million people permanently follow.

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are two friends from North Carolina (United States). Both studied engineering and worked in large companies. One day they decided to embark on doing comedy on YouTube. Important brands like Gillette, Wendy’s and Toyota became in their sponsors. Forbes registers Rhett and Link with a gain of 4.5 million, the same money for KSI, Olajide Olatunji, an Englishman whose YouTube channel has 11 million followers. Olajide dedicate his videos to several issues about video games. He also used his success to launch his musical career: His hip-hop “Lamborghini” was ranked 30 in the UK rankings.

Michelle Phan won $ 3 million. She’s from Boston / USA. His profession is the artistic makeup. Her tutorials where she teaches girls to achieve a similar look celebrities are a real boom. One of the Michelle Phan´s channel tutorial videos with most successful is that who teaches auto makeup to generate a similarity with the facial features of Barbie. Michelle brought to market its own line of cosmetics.

Got 2.5 million. It is “Superwoman”, as it is known on YouTube. It is stand-up comedian. Handles very well in his videos ethnic issues, since his parents immigrated from India to Canada. The name was attributed Lilly does justice, as she is also a singer. In 2015 he made an international tour. Roman Atwood, an American, is also a comedian. Street makes jokes with the use of hidden cameras, which always gives results. She has won on Youtube about $ 2.5 million, not counting the profitability of your online business that sells T-shirts, water bottles and bags.

To Rosanna Pansino, Forbes also attributes gains around $ 2.5 million. He was born in 1985. She is self-taught cook, lives in Washington / USA. She published a cookbook. One of the most watched videos of the channel is that teaches how to make the “perfect” cupcake. Women around the world have as their acme in the kitchen.

Young and reach
  • Youtubers increase annual rate

The big question

These young people will require a rethinking are made about the sources of income today deposited into a comfortable life? Or is this a trend that will no longer be reversed in the future? If so, these young people will be prestigious celebrities in the future because they will be remembered as the "foundation" of a way to express and communicate

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