Youtubers VI: Easy money and celebrity for audacious and adventurers

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We not discover anything if we ensure that most people fall into the tendency to do what others do. Well, that’s the key to success for many youtubers, who from their homes, move millions worldwide.

Forbes list expresses total earnings numbers, so it will be necessary to subtract management fees and, of course taxes. Most of the income of youtubers comes from advertisements that appear before the start of the videos. There is a second source close to the nearby screen online video banners. On the other hand, some of these stars already have contracts in television and film.

Some of them already jumped to the music business. And, how could it be otherwise, the publishing industry also welcomed: Four books have been published youtubers. As for the addition of these new celebrities and media to the world of merchandising, as with any star, some have launched their own lines of products: plastic products of all kinds, makeup, sportswear, glasses, hats, clothing Interior and beachwear.


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Sinatra? Gardel? Chevallier? No, Sulca

Walk off the Earth, Canadian band, Nick Pitera, a girl singer, Chip Torres (Fernando Tapia) from Mexico City, The Piano Guys, British (Jon Schmidt, piano and Steve Sharp, cello), Lindsey Stirling (and we have presented in a post Smarty) is violinist. For Dave Carrol, after a scandal he revealed in an airline posted on YouTube a pimp video and begins to make famous. Finally we emphasize the fame of La Tigresa de Oriente, Wendy Sulca, and Delfin Hasta El Fin, whose performances are so appalling that neither deserves to be called artists.

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