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YouTube made many young people to become millionaires. With a simple camera and creativity, youtubers players in the Internet business grew. When Forbes magazine decided to include in its famous rankings of prominent personalities, we were testing a new phenomenon in the entertainment business. They really deserved this recognition, because the figures are shocking reach.

The toprank youtuber is PewDiePie, Swedish, born in 1989. It has about 40 million subscribers in its channel. Last year, profits of Felix Kjellberg, his real name, came to $ 12 million at the time of publication in October 2015. He films videos with a simple webcam (camera that is built into notebooks). There is seen commenting with humor, the latest video games that hit the market. Something as simple as effective in the world of YouTube.

The second is Smosh. This is a duo composed video work by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They are friends during his childhood in California / USA. They began posting videos in 2005 and soon its channel became one of the most popular They already grossed 8.5 million dollars. With humor and parodies that characterize them, they divided their publications in five YouTube channels. And they made their own film, TSmosh, The Movie, obviously, the only movie that got out of their homes to thousands of consumers Youtube

The bronze medal goes to Fine Brothers. Are 8.5 million who joined the Benny and Rafi Fine, brothers from Brooklyn, NY / USA. In 2007 they opened a channel. It was a success and four years later worked from his own production. His creativity led them to work in television, for the children’s channel Nickelodeon. In the videos of Fine Brothers are stories of people from a generation that test objects from another era.

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Humor, sympathy, heartthrob image, the ability to communicate with audiences from different cultures, young clothing, sometimes speedy talk, simplicity ... many aspects are important to generate a video appeal in thousands or millions of people. It is clear: no serious issues, not to bother with permanent solidarity orders, nothing to speak of poverty, much less talking about political issues. Pure entertainment is the path to success.


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