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These are some of the most popular Spanish-speaking youtubers. MangelRogel, with 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube. He is a friend of Rubius and often upload videos together. They often participate together in international events. Werevertumorro has 9.6 million followers, but not one person but a group doing different videos. The “reference” channel is Gabriel Montiel, Mexico. It is a very good idea teamwork.

There is a Youtuber who identifies not only his name but also with the greeting is “Hola, soy German”. It is the favorite of the kids. Germán has 20 million subscribers on YouTube. He is Chilean and talks about life, love, jealousy! He also notes series … mix a little of everything and he goes well.

Dustin Luke. A famous US yuotuber talking with an Argentine accent. Get your videos reach the status of “viral ultra” and within days reach two million views. The Spanish youtuber Vegetta777 has more than 10 million followers and a gamer profile.

Really V.I.P.
  • Quality work from top-rank spanish-talking youtubers

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Talking about anything, comment games, young counseling... eceything is good for increase subscribers list.

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