Mom! I wanna be a Youtuber

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What do youtubers in front of the cameras? Some play and show how to pass a level or be better at a certain videogame. Others tested, but they rare tests, or get angry and throw things while they yell at the computer.

Some armed challenges, travel and meet other youtubers, let us say, “summit meetings”.

Others give tips life, the style “stand up”. Almost all of them “work” from the comfort of their homes. And they have legions of fans.

These successful personages, they add to the confusion of millions of young people around the world, especially in some developing countries, where the traditional model of work has fallen to the lowest standards of history. The problem is that these boys and girls, become an unattainable model for these young people, mostly members of very poor families.

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  • Youtubers influence on younger people

We are in the good way

You have read it. The guy is dedicated to yell to the computer and that gets public attention. Unbelievably, if over time, the stupid things yesterday became attractive, today this trend reached peak levels.

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