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Who are the most famous youtubers in the world?

They upload videos to the Web and have millions of followers. Who are they and what do the new stars of the Internet?

They play, they test products, they do challenges asl public that follows. For several years now, they are the new “rock stars”, but in times of Internet. They are youtubers. Some are children-and others not so much. They are really famous, about 20 years old, which arouse fanaticism among adolescents. The videos they uploaded to YouTube are seen by millions of people. Of course they live on that! And they live well! Some earn a lot of money.


Rubius, from Spain


The easy video tender
  • To compare a YTber with a rockstar

People became crazy with them

By 2015, one of the most famous youtubers from Spain, Rubius (Rubén Doblas Gundersen, born 1990) made a tour of several countries and, in all places, he had gone haywire airports by the amount of people who went to meet him. By then had more than 10 million subscribers in the social network and video clips were seen by tens of millions

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