Whatsapp: “retired” smartphones

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” He who warns is not scorned,” Zuckerberg and his managers might say. The company had already announced that Samsung phones mounted on older versions of Android and Nokia with Symbian and Blackberry, would be incompatible with WhatsApp “at some point.” Okay, the time has come. On December 31, those who have older Android versions should choose: Goodbye old phone or Goodbye Whatsapp.

Whatsapp announces that those who want to continue sending and receiving messages through this app will have to buy phones that work with at least Android 2.3, Windows Phone 8 or iOS 7.

Which is your cell phone?
  • Getting better performance?

Some disappointments

Give me back my money!
I want my smartphone. I want my iphone with whatsapp! I paid $ 750 for this device and now it does not work?
This is going to happen in countries like Argentina, where people buy without having any idea of what they buy. And the phrase will be: "It's been almost 7 years since I bought this device. It's almost new"


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