WhatsApp Plus: what it is, how it works and download

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Want to know more about WhatsApp Plus? Here you will find the information you need on how this unofficial version of the application WhatsApp.
Back in fashion in 2017 WhatsApp Plus. Large numbers of people inquiring about this application and want to download it. But few people know about the dangers that can come! Exist many advices that invite to keep tight the original WhatsApp, which you can download at this link.
In any case, here we enter the world of WhatsApp Plus, trying to figure out what exactly is, how it works and how to download it. Without forgetting a small parenthesis dedicated to its dangers.

What is WhatsApp Plus?
This is an unofficial application that modifies the original WhatsApp adding a variety of functions, such as:
WhatsApp customize with colors to taste, appearance of notifications, widgets and graphical appearance in general.
Install pre-packaged themes, choosing from more than 700 free themes now available.
Upload and send photos and videos to life-size (as opposed to WhatsApp, which reduces the weight and quality of the images).
Use more and new emoticons in Facebook Messenger style (which can be seen, however, only those who have installed WhatsApp Plus).
For the rest, the other functions are identical to the original application WhatsApp. Also the ability to change the background of the chat and hide the last access, which previously could be done only on WhatsApp Plus.

How do the WhatsApp Plus download?
How to install WhatsApp Plus is different depending on the type of phone you use.
IOS iPhone:
Do the jailbreak and install Cydia
Make a search between the app and install WhatsApp Plus.

Make a backup by going to Settings -> Chat -> Backup.
Uninstall WhatsApp (Settings -> Applications -> WhatsApp).
Writing on GoogleAndroid .apk file”, the first download link you find and install the application.
Enter your phone number and make the check.
Now you’re ready to use WhatsApp Plus on your phone.

To Download or not to download
  • WA Plus fame

3 reasons for to not download WhatsApp Plus

Many experts not recommend you to install this application.
The reason? WhatsApp Plus is not an official app and can cause a number of problems:
malfunction (crashes often)
security issues (the conversations do not have the encryption end to end)
WhatsApp may block forever your phone number
More to add? The choice is yours.

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