WhatsApp: Connection problems

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If you can not connect to WhatsApp, it’s usually due to a problem with your Internet connection or phone settings.

Troubleshooting? You can solve most connection problems by doing the following:

Restart the phone, or turn it off and on again.
Update WhatsApp to the latest version available on the Google Play Store.
Open Phone settings> touch Network and Internet> turn airplane mode on and off.
Open Phone settings> touch Network and Internet> Data usage> enable Mobile data.
Open Phone settings> touch Apps & notifications> App info> WhatsApp> Data usage> enable Background data.
Open Phone settings> touch Network and Internet> Wi-Fi> turn Wi-Fi on and off.
Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi hotspot.
Make sure the Wi-Fi connection remains active even when the phone is in sleep mode.
Restart your router.
Contact your mobile operator to make sure your APN settings are properly configured.
Update the operating system of your Android phone with the latest version available for your device.
If you’re having trouble connecting to WhatsApp while using a Wi-Fi network that you do not usually connect to, contact your network administrator.
If you are connected to the Wi-Fi network of a campus or a company that has implemented firewall restrictions, contact your network .administrator.
WhatsApp is not designed to be used with proxy or VPN services, so we can not provide support for these configurations.
For issues concerning the receipt of notifications, see this article.

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We noticed that all people who carry a smartphone can not avoid or avoid the use of WhatsApp. In many countries, the use of this application solves the communications of thousands - and even millions - of people because, to some extent, it is free.


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