Recover deleted Whatsapp messages and history

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Everyone uses it, everyone talks about it, and Whatsapp, the Facebook-based mobile chat, has now surpassed in many countries, for the number of messages exchanged, even text messages.
Being so popular and so used, it is normal that interest in its functions, even the most hidden ones, is high.
Among these, it may be useful to know how to retrieve the chronology of messages exchanged on Whatsapp and also how to recover deleted messages, perhaps by mistake.
This article is not just about Android smartphones but also the iPhone, even if you can do something more for Android.

On Android, going to the Whatsapp settings, in the Chat section, you will notice a button saying “run backup conversations”.
Actually it is not necessary to press it because the backup of the chat is done automatically every day.
If you delete a message by mistake, there is no button to retrieve the chat.
So we have two possibilities.
Recovering the latest Whatsapp deleted messages, received no later than 7 days ago, is incredibly simple.
All you have to do is just uninstall WhatsApp and install it again.
When you reinstall WhatsApp you will be asked to restore the previous messages which will be recovered.

The same thing happens on the iPhone, where the message history is saved in a weekly automatic backup on iCloud.

To activate this automatic backup of Whatsapp on iPhone you have to activate it first in Settings -> iCloud> Documents and Data, then from Whatsapp go to Settings -> Chat Settings> Backup and tap on execute now.
From here you can also change the frequency of automatic backup that can be set as daily.

Very useful tool
  • Recover deleted Whatsapp messages and history

On the iPhone you can install the Whatsafe app to keep a continuous backup of Whatsapp messages that can also be password protected

Retrieving the history of messages older than 7 days is more complex, but still possible on Android.
Manual recovery requires opening, with a file management application on Android, to open the SD Card folder -> WhatsApp -> Databases.
In this folder, there are several files that have the name msgstore-data.db.crypt and one that is called msgstore.db.crypt.
The latter must be renamed to something like "old" while the one with the furthest date should be renamed as msgstore.db.crypt
Obviously trying to open these files will not get anything readable because they are encrypted.
You must then uninstall Whatsapp, reinstall it and restore old conversations.
In this case the backup file used will be the oldest one that has been left in memory and will therefore contain the messages of at least two weeks before.
With this method, however, the newest messages are lost, those of the days between today and the date of the file to which the name has been changed.
You can not merge files to get both the latest messages and the oldest conversations.
If you are looking for an intermediate message, repeat the procedure by renaming one of the other .db.crypt files.

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