IPhone 3GS / iOS 6 and Windows Phone 7 are no longer friends with Whatsapp

Anuncio Patrocinado

It was known but everyone became fools. On December 31, 2016, WhatsApp will stop working for some phones with “very old” versions, not only Android, Symbian and BlackBerry, too. Also Apple will not have Whatsapp on their iPhone 3GS / iOS 6, released on June 19 2009 with thousands and thousands paying $ 300 in New York, shouting “yes” in front of the TV cameras after shopping exit.

Now, those who want to continue using WA service will have to think about changing models in the coming days or giving up WhatsApp. Those who are reluctant to change equipment may use other alternatives in messaging, such as Telegram or Google Allo. However, almost all social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook (via messenger), Snapchat or Instagram already offer the option to send direct messages.

New smartphone or no Whatsapp
  • Whatsapp Future projection

Come on, quick! Buy a new one!

Of course, Whatsapp's move is a way to help technology companies, smartphone makers, get free ground to be able to sell millions of new cell phones as soon as possible. It is a strategy rarely seen. The current alliances between companies are very powerful. And you pay for it. And happy.


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