How to write in bold, italic or strikethrough on WhatsApp for iPhone

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The WhatsApp  beta version for Android, which can be –naturally- obtained from the Google Play Store. In early 2016, it was updated to introduce the possibility of formatting text messages without prior notice.

The problem, at that time, is that anyone could apply the new format forms, but only the the beta users could see the messages correctly. Now, both the final version for Android and the iPhone (iOS), already have this function, and it is really easy to write bold, italic or strikethrough text. We only need three ‘codes’, one for each format type.

The codes in question are the underscore, for the italicized text, the asterisk to write in bold and finally the mathematical symbol of ‘approximate’ to cross out any word or phrase. To apply this format  type, it is necessary to use these symbols in a special way, placing them directly ahead and behind of each word or phrase we want to apply the format, and it is necessary that all symbols be closed, since if there is no symbol for the format opening and another for closing, then the format will not be applied and you can simply see this sign. The way to apply the formats is as follows:


Bold Text: * Bold Text *

Text in italics: _Text in italics_

Strikethrough Text: ~ Strikethrough Text ~

Getting better writing
  • Using these codes general utility
  • Business using
  • School using

Take care: open and close

When we write these , before and after each word that we want to change format, the recipient of the message will appear directly in the desired format, and the symbols will stop being displayed. Therefore, it is not necessary to activate any text editing bar for the format, while it’s important do it, for example, in other programs like word processors similar to Word. However, we must always remember to 'close' these signs, and within them we can include more than one word as in the previous example. On the other hand, we can include the signs as many times as necessary for the same message, as well as combine them to format complete texts.

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