How does WhatsApp work

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WhatsApp uses a modified version of the standard messaging protocol XMPP. And then the entire section is loaded into this central database of: after installation, an account based on the phone number of the device ([phone number] @ in the format) is created WhatsApp, allowing an end user to provide a list of contacts who, like him, has installed the application.

In addition to text instant messaging, which is the basic function of the application, users WhatsApp can create chat groups, where whenever someone writes a message is seen by everyone in the group (up to 100 participants), share photos , videos, audio files, contacts, and data on the geographic location using Google Maps.

During the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, the CEO and co-founder Jan Koum, announced that (allegedly) in the spring of 2014 WhatsApp support VoIP calls, initially in the Android and iOS platforms [10].

As announced in 2014, from March 2015, with the new update, VoIP calls are included in the functions of the application.

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The communications concerning Facebook, Twitter, old yahoo, apps for Android, Apple iPhone and all the classic email, the options for the Galaxy, gmail and Google and Youtube entire universe can be mastered from a smartphone with Whatsapp

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