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For convenience, the photo gallery of a phone is always kept handy, on the main screen of the smartphone, so you can see the latest photos taken without having to search for the application.
The problem of the photo gallery is that it contains all the images in the phone’s memory, including those received with Whatsapp or with other chats like Kik Messenger, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc.
So if someone picks up our phone, he could easily find private or intimate photos that would be better to hide.

To avoid this problem, we have seen in another article the best applications to hide photos, videos, files and folders, protecting private data even with password or passcode.
Much more simply, however, if the goal is to hide photos and videos from the main gallery of apps like Google Photos, there is a trick that works on all Android phones, very simple and without contraindications.

The steps to avoid that some photos are shown in the gallery of Samsung Galaxy or Huawei or any other Android smartphone and even on Google Photos, are as follows.

First of all, you have to use an app to browse your phone’s files and folders.

You can then use the preinstalled file manager, or ES File Manager or the one I use, Solid File Explorer, free and complete.
Then open the File Manager on the device and create, on the SD card if available or on the internal memory, a new folder, giving it the name you prefer, perhaps an unsuspecting name (not “hidden” as in the image above).
Open the new folder just created, touch the + key (in some apps is the button with three dots on the top right), choose the option to create a new empty file giving it as name .nomedia.

The task of this empty file is to prevent all photos and videos in the same folder from being hidden by Gallery applications, including Google Photos (though it may not work on the default Gallery app of some phones).
To complete the operation, therefore, you have to move, always using the file manager, all the photos you want to hide (which should be in the DCIM folder) in this special folder, the one in which we created the .nomedia file.


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Have you anything ti hide?

The trick is very effective, above all, to hide images and videos of Whatsapp or other applications from the Android gallery.
For Whatsapp, for example, you must go to the Whatsapp Images folder and create the .nomedia file in it.

Regarding Google Photos, there is also a new feature introduced on Android in the last update.
Press and hold on a photo or select a group of images and videos, then tap the three-dot button at the top right to find the Archive option and hide all selected items from the main gallery.
The archived photos and videos can be found in the Archive section, visible in the main menu

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