Emojis for worker women who use WhatsApp

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Google identified that women under 30 are the most frequent users of curious smilies.

That same Internet giant reported Thursday that Unicode, the organization that controls and approves the designs of the ‘emojis’ worldwide, gave the endorsement to add 11 new to their platforms.

As reported by Google in its official blog, these emoticons were presented last May “with the goal of highlighting the professional diversity of women and empowering young women everywhere.”

Among the most prominent professions in this new group of ‘emoji’ are those of welders, scientists, doctors and peasants.

Many women use these emojis to get attention and show that they really do not have much idea of ​​how to communicate better. Others, however, take advantage of these small images to make clear what their position is in some labor disputes.

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It is curious to see the forums in which the intentions of people who ask surprising things have always been wanted.

A man says: "What happens if I make the decision not to have WhatsApp? Women will see me as a weird man?"

A woman says: "I check my boyfriend's WhastApp. He tells me he only has 25 contacts. Does he think I'm stupid?"

See you soon.

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