Are there Copies from WhatsApp?

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For the system mounted on MeeGo Nokia N9 and the Nokia N900 Maemo system present, WhatsApp is not available. However, thanks to some independent programmers who founded the OpenWhatsApp project (formerly known as WazApp), two unofficial applications were made, but fully compatible with WhatsApp to communicate with these models of smartphones.

For the webOS system is available another version of WhatsApp unofficial MojoWhatsup.

Android system and iOS is available WhatsApp Plus, an unofficial greater customization version (which was not made available by the Whatsapp from 2015) which includes some additional features (such as hiding the status and notifications online) and ( themes, colors, icons, emoticons).

To advance in these mechanisms, it would be a future great conflict around many features, far superior to that produced by the original network P2P Napster, who shot in the late twentieth century the incredible dismemberment about Music Recording business as it was known until then, opening a new world of distributing and “sharing” music and music worldwide. When free WhatsApp prosper, would get down dozens of traditional telecommunications companies, since the wave related to widespread connectivity does not benefit to a new power group, that seems unwilling to stop it.

  • Possible access to alternative services to Whatsapp
  • Tendency to choose OpenWhatsapp
  • Alternative services Performance


In the same way that Linux appeared, all free software and trademarks of alternative cartridges for printers, the market for services and communication systems in the future will hold options for free using.

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