Why some women want a married man

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There are women who like to go out with married men, that’s not a mystery. Of course, that is offensive to those who are victims of deception. However, it is worth asking the question: Why is a woman attracted to having sex with a married man? There are many reasons, but for most, starting a relationship with a committed man is something that feeds his ego. Some others seek the adrenaline that comes with the risky love affair. Almost all of them depend on the psychological needs of these women and here I will cover some of the most relevant aspects that foster this type of relationship.

Self esteem
For some women to achieve the attention of a married man is similar to achieving an achievement. The event also fuels her low self-esteem and low self-confidence by making her feel relatively well for having “stolen” someone else’s affection. The above is nothing more than a corroboration that a woman seeking a relationship of that kind has serious internal conflicts of insecurity and fear, for that reason seek a way to get it. They secretly feel that they do not deserve a relationship of true love and respect.

It also has to do with a certain sense of power, having someone who is committed to a woman and children in one way or another makes her feel that they are in control of the situation and it is up to her to say when, how and where they will spend things with their conquest.

Relationships with little commitment
One more reason, is that the person does not seek more than to live in the moment and take what they can get to obtain during the time that they maintain the relationship. She is attracted by the fact that the man in question will not ask for more than she wants to give. Usually they are single girls who are finishing their careers and are not ready for a formal relationship or having children, and it is possible that a married man will not look for them and in that sense there will be no pressing demands.


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Emotional maturity
A married man knows what he wants and has grown up during his marriage, so a woman who is willing to have a relationship with him knows that he will not have to endure problems because of impulses or whims coming from nothing. Of course, his wife has already had to endure that stage of her husband's life. Having a relationship with a married man provides something like "a ready made product".

Financial security
A mature and married man has many of his financial needs covered, either by his own business or a secure job and is willing to fulfill his whims in exchange for his company and "affection". Of course, if you are able to maintain a wife and children home, you can give her what she wants.


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