Which is better? Whatsapp or Allo? We´ll see

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Allo incorporates the artificial intelligence service Google Assistant for the user to interact with it directly from the chat or even integrate it into a conversation with other people to ask questions. Thus, “if you’re planning a dinner with friends, you can ask him to suggest nearby restaurants, all in the same chat,” explained from Google. It also includes also smart reply, suggesting responses to text messages or pictures received by context. The time saving is a priority.

Google Allo has end to end encryption to ensure the security of your communications, as does WhatsApp since April 2016, and includes the option to put an expiration date to messages. Our texts and photos will be ephemeral as already happens with Snapchat.

Do you know my name? Did you see at header? what do you think about my position in this quarrel? ha!

WhatsApp vs. Google Allo, the Great Battle
  • Benefits for us in this fight

What a wonderful word!

Keep going, Whatsapp. We like it.
Continue to progress, Allo. We love it.

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