More about Allo, the “Boomgle”

Anuncio Patrocinado

What it is and how it works Allo, the instant messaging system Google. That is the question.

There is an undisputed king in instant messaging: WhatsApp. But the king can see threatened his reign soon with the emergence of Allo, the instant messaging system that Google introduced during the developer conference Google I / O 2016.

And like any new app, Allo presents innovations regarding existing messaging systems. Thus, for example, it lets you edit the font size of our texts to create what they call shouts (shouts) or whispers, depending on whether it increases or decreases the size. It will also include emoji and stickers -both of variable- size and lets you edit photos directly from the system for users to develop their creativity and make their own memes instantly.

Against Whatsapp
  • Google I / O 2016 Assistants Reaction cause of news

Building a Tandem

Inmediatly, "Duo" was born. Know more about this in next post at


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