How to make money with social networks III

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Twitter – Chapter III

Observe the topics discussed during the last week they have had as many tweets. Choose those that have generated as much controversy and take advantage of one side of the discussion by writing a tweet of all to a party support. Expect the reaction of those who think otherwise, for example, the next day, and write new tweets with concepts totally contrary to the writings on the previous day. The subject should be extremely important for most people who are participating a discussion.

To the extent that sufficient cold blood with a certain elegance to answer each of you to receive insults you have, the greater the effect on numbers of users start to follow out of curiosity. Otherwise, will any of the advertising programs available on the web that you can incorporate into your profile.

Get into the lives of others
  • Strategic value of this kind of tweets

All calculated

You will be transformed into a high user rating. Use this time.


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