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Twitter is highly used for publishing new content links to web sites (your 140 characters) and after other members. Twitter is a popular online tool that can be used to promote business information, special shops, services, and events industries followers. If you post an interesting article, people can return to “tweet” or share it, exposing the article to a new audience. Its name derives from canary identification, phoneme which, in turn, comes from the very sound of the small birds singing. The final effect is a social network that represents several birds emiting their own sound and simultaneously.

They use it to communicate actions of government leaders personally, politicians campaigning, courts, charities, media companies, sports clubs, television channels, or only important media artists and “parasites of public attention,” companies aviation, rail or land and maritime transport when it is necessary to communicate a schedule change.


All uses
  • Commercial use
  • Political use
  • Artistic use
  • Institutional use
  • Personal use

To tweet is a digital Sport

Everybody use it, but do not measure their performance. There are those who would achieve nothing without Twitter. It's something

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