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To join Twitter just answer a simple question: “What are you doing”. With a limit: you can not write more than 140 characters. It is the social network for essentials. It is spoken in this and has few functions. It was founded in 2006, at the request of the Obvious Corporation in San Francisco. The name, deformed, derived from the verb “tweet” (beep) and the updates are called tweets. In 2007 it became a popular network in the United States. Its exponential growth is, however, a fairly recent phenomenon. According to specialists, Twitter is the web site that got the absolute growth rate. The “Unique Users” grew 1,500 percent in 12 months, reaching 18.2 million. The same research firm (Nielsen), however, a few weeks ago had photographed a high rate of desertion of members (more than 60% in a month). In some European countries, they have recently grown records per many are disappointed. Accustomed to Facebook, where hundreds of friends already handled in Twitter find they have to start all over again. And many quit.

Like as happened with Facebook, the effect is triggered by popularity merit system itself and so the media talk about it much. In the case of Twitter there’s a twist: The service has shown great potential for holding events for groups, large themes (like the riots that followed the presidential elections in Iran) or to describe a key moment “in vivo” something happened in Italy, in the seconds immediately after the earthquake in Abruzzo.

Updates emerge quickly. And the media does not just talk about it. The big problem is that the use of Twitter as a source of information makes water. It is very weak. The difficulty, of course, is in check, because anyone can write whatever you want.

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How easy is tweeting!

Networks are mostly exploited by TV and radio auditions to relay to the public the celebrity tweets

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