Fly low-cost: Norwegian, Level and Alitalia situation

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Norwegian: since November flights Italy-US. Price: 179 euros, under these conditions:
As for Alitalia, IAG’s CEO Willie Walsh responded to a question at the press conference at the hangar at Barcelona airport, he said that “Alitalia’s is a terrible, but inevitable situation because the company has not been able to transform itself to answer a question Market that has changed over time, “adding that” if the company is to disappear or resize us, like other vectors, we will be ready to enter into an enhanced offer. Italy is an opportunity. If you do not know how to fit, do not deserve to stay on the market. ”

Speaking of technical crash at the London airports that left 75,000 passengers on the ground, IAG’s chief executive officer defended the work of Chief Operating Officer Alex Cruz (former Vueling) saying that “no one could do better in those conditions” adding that “yes There is a problem with the IT system that manages the luggage and is undergoing an internal investigation, but it will take time to understand what has happened. “

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In total, Norway has 30 routes from Italy and a total fleet of 129 aircraft, of which 14 are Boeing 787/800. The Norwegian carrier has transported over 30 million passengers in 2016, of which one million in Italy. It covers 500 routes from 27 European bases, 8 in Italy. For the three Rome-Usa connections, the company has two base 787 based in the capital within the first months of 2018.

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