Technological advances in India: Nanotech

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Using Carbon Nanotubes to create filters.

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Banaras Hindu University in India, developed in 2012, a simple method for manufacturing carbon nanotube filters capable for removing micro- and nano-scale contaminants from water and hydra-carbon heavy oil.

Completely made with carbon nanotubes, the great appeal of this new technological advancement in the field of nanotechnology, is derived from the developed method simplicity in the manufacture got with the filters by controlling the cylindrical structure geometry.

The results of the research, funded by the Center for Directed Assembly of Nanostructures at the University of Renssalaer and the Ministry of Education of India, indicate that demonstrate how well-ordered structures set directly on a substrate nanotubes. The filters are hollow cylinders of carbon with a few centimeters long and one or two centimeters wide with walls of one third of a millimeter thick. They are produced through the application of benzine in a mold and then heating the mold to 900 °. The composition of the nanotube achieves the filters are strong, heat resistant and makes can easily be cleaned and reused.

Great results
  • India's nantotechnology development

Working for health

Possible uses for this filter carbon nanotube include the following applications:
Filter water and remove the polio virus (with a size of 25 nanometers)
Filter water and remove other pathogenic bacteria E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus type.

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