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South Africa is signing permanently technological exchange agreements with various countries, based on their interests and caring for the jobs of technicians and specialists in technologies in the country.

The CDTI (Spain) and TIA (South Africa) signed an agreement that provides for the establishment of a Bilateral Technology Cooperation Programme (SASI) in February 2010. This agreement has been renewed and updated to get a new stage of cooperation between the two countries.

However, since South Africa’s accession to EUREKA as an associate country program (June 2014), the processing of such projects is done through EUREKA rather than through bilateral programs.

Signed by South Africa bilateral programs such as EUREKA, promote enterprise technological cooperation in technology transfer projects, technological development and innovation with the aim of generating economic benefits to South Africa and its technology partners.


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Investments for advance

The agreements provide for evaluation mechanisms and joint financing. Technological cooperation initiatives should aim at developing a marketable product or process. Thus the EUREKA seal allow projects evaluated positively, to be financed by national instruments available in both countries according to their respective rules and procedures.

If the foreign company has the idea of ​​the project and is interested in finding a South African partner, you can fill in a form international partner search, or contact the office of TIA, Technology Innovation Agency, in South Africa ( )

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