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The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)  is a state agency created by the Federal Ministry for Science and Technology Nigerian to promote the use of new technologies in Nigeria, and create the foundations of a new state based on the development and use of the information society.

To do it, they develop these technological policies in five basic pillars: Creating Wealth Equity, the Eradication of Poverty, Creating Employment, Education and Global Competitiveness. Under the five basic pillars a number of strategies are developed.

Observe the main strategies that begin with the establishment of a coordinated development of information infrastructures, state, local and emergency low fiber, high speed and multimedia technologies program. The plan includes the use of free software standards. An important point is the establishment of technological parks to generate software development centers of national, local and regional application infrastructure.

It is a simultaneous work and repeated in the vast majority of countries that need to launch its first stage of development, so that cannot be absent the restructuring of health and education, always creating based systems new technologies and optimized resource management.


Trying to improve
  • General level of technology in Nigeria

Education, best of a country

It is essential the formation of 500,000 citizens to become specialists medium grade in public and private sector, new technology management and software acquisition. Something that is not always taken into account: strengthening collaboration with government and private sector to achieve national self-sufficiency and establishing and strengthening mechanisms acceleration in trade transactions and sectors.

Nigeria -and almost all African countries, too- need to create a database for national systems management and planning tools for communication between citizens and administration.

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