Indian scientific areas among the most advanced in the world

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Space exploration

India has made great strides in the space technology area​​. Currently, it manufactures its own satellites and places them in orbit. The low cost and high technology have attracted Indian global demand in this field. The Space Research Organization (ISRO) is the most important entity, responsible for research, development and operation of space systems.

Atomic Energy

The first objective of atomic energy in India is oriented development and power generation to agriculture, medicine, industry, research programs and other areas of development. India is recognized as one of the most advanced countries in nuclear technology.

The most required professionals
  • Space Research Organization performances

Indian Software and hardware

Information technology:
The success achieved by India in this area is perhaps best known for the skill and high technology it employs. Both software technology and hardware, Indian engineers provide services to everyone, increasing its exports. Many international companies have established bases in India due to the high capacity of its professionals.
In addition India also makes important contributions to oceanography, agriculture, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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