India: Scientific tradition

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India has a tradition through more than 5000 years in scientific and technological advances, has also made important archaeological research as shown by ingenious achievements in agriculture-related areas, the system of planting and irrigation, construction, planning or use of minerals.

Over the years, the world has received important contributions of Indian origin in different fields of scientific knowledge. In mathematics, for example, the “zero” would later be taken by the Arabs to Europe or the case of Pi value, which was discovered by Aryabhata.


Very important science contributions
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Indian scientists

We can, also, found more recent contributions of prominent Indian scientists. Among them: the Nobel Prize C.V. Raman with the Raman effect in the light; S.N. Bose Bose-Einstein statistics and research in particle physics; Meghnad Saha with the theory of thermal ionization in astrophysics; Ramanujam and their unique contributions to number theory; Jayant Narlikar and his theory of evolution; M S Swaminathan, a pioneer of the green revolution in India; Homi Jehangir Baba, father of the atomic energy program; and Abul Kalam, a pioneer of space research program in India.

Also, India successfully participates in other scientific fields as space exploration.

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