From BlackBerry to iPhone: how to go and why (III)

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There are many people in the world who were happy with their Blackberry and now it’s time to think about moving to Apple iOS. Let´s continue the story.

So I have to hunt so much money!
Did you think you had a choice? No, the bad news is that you do not have it: you will have to do it if you want to spend at least five years (alternatively, stand still a bit with your BlackBerry device until you have put aside the money you need: it’s better).

If you want to make a step, but you do not have them, well, there we can help you very little: unfortunately it is the market to dictate law.

And do not make the mistake of thinking of a good used, “so much to do with a few functions,” and other similar excuses: remember that appetite is eating, you have to be vigilant so that it is a healthy appetite and not a neurotic worship. Step must be done, then you have to have a minimum of freedom of movement, otherwise you will soon feel uncomfortable, too soon. It will start blaming because it’s slow because it does not have enough memory, because it loads four audio CDs and fills it, spins three videos and is full, if only another app loads me, and so on. Right Date. Android plays on this, that is, “I wish but I can not.” The best thing to do if that is to be is to admit that you can not, first of all, to yourself. Better times will come, but better not to fall into the Android jerseys.

Think slowly and act quickly
  • Audio and other tips from Bb to iOS

Better is better

It is so. Many people were unaware of what would happen to them if they switched from one device to another that everyone thought was best. What do they believe? Well, they felt better ... Or what other thing could happen?


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