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The historical exchange rate with US dollar, says that the total value of the Bitcoin economy, calculated in December 2012, was US $ 140 million, in April 2013 US $ 1.4 billion in November 2013, with a 1 bitcoin = 540 USD , the equivalent still stands at more than US $ 6 billion.

The bitcoin-based economy is still very small, compared to long-established economies, and the software is still in a beta release state, but are already marketed in bitcoin goods and real services such as cars used or software development contracts. Bitcoins are accepted for both online services and tangible assets.

Since November 2013, the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, accepts Bitcoin as a means of paying university fees. From July 1, 2016, in the city of Zug, capital of one of the richest cantons in Switzerland, some public services, including health and transport, can be paid in bitcoin. Some merchants, using exchange sites, will be able to switch bitcoins in different currencies, including US dollars, euros, Russian rubles and Japanese yen.

Growing, coin by coin
  • Bitcoin operativity in global economy

Do you use it?

Anyone can check the bitcoin exchange list (called Blockchain) and watch transactions in real time. Various services are already available to facilitate these operations.

There are a lot of organizations, organizations and associations that accept bitcoin donations; among others, the Electronic Frontier Foundation The Pirate Bay, the Free Software Foundation and also the Wikimedia Foundation.

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