BlackBerry to iPhone (IV)

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Then? “What should I do?”
Simple: aim at top, and from now on. We are today, Jun 2017: have you decided to “do it”? Now there is the iPhone 7. That base costs € 799, but it’s okay, because it has “only” 32GB of memory (and, of course, those sold in subsidies to rate by operators are always those with little memory! Open!) And will fill you in a moment, preventing you from even upgrading the system very soon. You have to hit the top right now, then the 256 GB model, which means another 200 euros, or 1019 euros. Without hesitation! If you can, of course.

This technique will allow you to survive your gingillo for at least five years without needing any “model upgrade”, no capacity or yield problem. And money spent only once, which means savings.

Do not you like it? Do not you think it’s normal to spend that money? No problem: Stop reading and buy Android that you like so much: now you know what you’re going to do and if you do not care for anything, happy everyone.

Okay, I’m sorry. What else?
Do not install a broken-necked app just because you have a memory to wipe: Each app, besides consuming space, steals computing resources and makes the device slower, so only the apps you really need;

Subscribe, if possible, to Apple Care: it extends your three-year warranty and protects you against any failure, with free replacement and system assistance for migration. Moreover, if a fake specimen were to happen, it is in the first three years of life that in most cases the flaws are out. If you have Apple Care quiet, if you do not have it … you’re still sure that the trouble will come out in the third year when the warranty expires. As usual, you do.

Who is crazy?
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Periodically Apple updates iOS, the operating system; In your condition of new equipment owners, you may, in fact, have to update each time you are offered, both for security and for maintaining the guarantee; However - today we are at iOS version 10.3.1 - if new versions are released within the first three years of life, check the major version number (the first digit): during the life of the device, To the one with which it is "born", it can grow by two units, the third one will start your device to a rapid obsolescence; In that case, look good at updating! Resist and keep the version you have; If you do not understand or know what the programmed obsolescence is, then do not ask why, just do it, otherwise read some good books and you will understand

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