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Spotify ready to correct the published phrases on their site and how to subscribe to Premium and Premium for family services. Thus, without sanction, the anti-trust procedure initiated by the company providing the music streaming service ends. The Authority had initiated an investigation procedure because Spotify did not provide “clear and comprehensible information as to whether by activating the activation button on the web page available for each service, the consumer would be forwarding a purchase order, With which he would contractually contractually from that exact moment”.

According to the Antitrust, the words “Start trial period and pay after 30 days” (reported on the Monthly Premium Service button), “Launch My Spotify Premium” (reported on the Premium Premium Button) and “Start Premium for Family” ( Reported on the Premium for Family button) does not guarantee clarity and understandability of the meaning that the consumer would imply of the operation of that particular button. In essence, according to the Authority, it is necessary to state the obligation of payment.

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Following the investigation, Spotify presented a proposal for commitments last May 3, and then incorporated it on June 1st. In essence, the company has submitted to the Antitrust a series of proposals for modifying the formulations on the site. In detail, Spotify has proposed to modify the wording on the button on the checkout page for each of the services, both present and future, by adopting the 'Buy' (eg Buy
Spotify Premium) or the formulations "Buying Up", "Order and Pay", "Pay". Additionally, the new check out page title will be "Start the trial period and pay after [x, or probationary] days", if some of the services are offered with an initial trial free of charge additional.


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