Pokémon tricks: Neighborhood

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While around our cell phone in hand we can play our Pokémon GO, must see that at the bottom on the map is a table that shows the “Pokémon neighbors.” This is to see if nearby there is a Pokémon and especially what kind of Pokémon. Seeing the table we can see that the number of tracks (1 to 3) present in each of Pokémon indicates the distance to the nearest Pokémon is located. It observed a footprint close to 2 or 3 feet away.

But how to understand in which direction the Pokémon of our interest lies? Click Pokémon figure that interests you and then start walking. If you go in the right direction, the number of steps it will decrease and will be green contour surrounding the Pokémon.

But have you also noticed the presence of Pokémon without steps? So there are clear indications of distance? This happens because they are hidden Pokémones: click on them and you will be shown the exact spot on the map where they are, you go there and appear in front of you for combat and then capture them.

Beware with the dog's neighbor
  • Neighborhood technichs tender

Little error

At the moment there is an error in the game so always three tracks away any Pokémon is near the steps and not gradually decreases as approaches. Users expect an update of the application Pokémon GO quickly to resolve this error.

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