Pokémon GO: Pokeball and Pokèstop

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When you ascend to the level of Pokémon GO with your character, you get the free Poké Ball, useful to catch Pokémon. Besides this, in places near you will be placed Pokéstop or places that provide Poké Ball and other free tools. Then you must turn the Pokéstop icon so you can get free Poké Ball along with other tools. It takes into account one thing: Pokestop are continuously recharged.

If you have one close to home or in a place where you transitas often, you’ll notice that the stop turns from blue to purple, when interacting. However, sometimes you just have to wait 15 minutes to see the Pokestop fully charged and can then retrieve the ball Poke! If you have the complete inventory, will not add items after visiting Pokestop but only experience points.

Everybody play the game
  • General difficulty of of Pokémon Go

To win or to fun?

An important way to gain experience points is to find more PokèStop possible, because for each of these will receive 50 PE.
To Top the Bill and win in Pokémon is not sufficient to capture all the Pokémon in circulation. This, however, is still a major goal of the game and after less than 10 days there is already a person who can claim to have succeeded.


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