Pokémon GO: Tall grass moves

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When walking, it happens very often in Pokémon GO that Pokemon goes where there are herbs, and the herbs (or the tall grass) moves. You are about but nothing happens. And after you leave, you have not been able to see things: the grass that moves, may indeed be a sign that there is a hidden Pokémon at that point, but it will not be enough to approach paraa out. In fact, we must respect their time, and remain vigilant in the area for a few minutes, waiting to act bait for Pokémon.

When you see grass that moves, it indicates Pokémon nearby, and the menu on the right will give you a list of all the different creatures found near your current location. To start a meeting, you need to ensure that the herbs are moving in the radius of your GPS. Then you must wait for the Pokémon appear on the map. When you do this, click on them to start the minigame capture.

If there is any Pokémon in particular in the area that you’d find, right-click the bar to go to the “Nearby” screen and press one after the other. If the bar is flashing, then the distance between nearby monsters and you have changed, so keep a sharp eye to these flickers.

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It is useless, in these cases, use the aroma: If you use the aroma is normal to catch a Pokémon, as it would even without the grass that moves!

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