Pokémon Cheats – How to Catch Pokémon (also at home)

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To catch the Pokémon must start from a basic concept: Pokémon distinguish between common and rare. Clearly, their rarity also determines the difficulty to catch them. Precisely for this reason, different colors around the Pokémon will be affected: a green ring means it is easy to catch, a yellow ring announces capture of medium difficulty and a red ring says the capture is difficult.

As you move through the streets with the game Pokémon Go, the phone will vibrate indicating the presence of a Pokémon. Now, thanks to the camera of the smartphone, the Pokémon will appear in front of you. What should you do? Pokeballs launch to hit as accurately as possible the Pokémon, measuring your own calculation force to obtain a pitch that is neither too weak nor too strong. The secret is to throw the Pokeball to catch the Pokémon, when a green circle around the Pokémons looks.

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Playing and playing

If you can not leave your house, but you want to play Pokémon Go, there are several options. There are different hacks to "move" your GPS and then pretend that the game we're in the play area, but this is not advisable, therefore condemned this prácyicas Nintendo, both for the safety of your phone. The best thing to do is use the aroma: this will attract Pokémon around you for the next 30 minutes, so you can unleash all his ambition to coach. Outdoor, PKM is a reaaly dangerous game. Specially for children. It generates tender to lose attention


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