How to use correctly and claim gyms in Pokémon GO

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To access gyms, users must be achieved  at level 5. Once you reach this level, you can finally start interacting with gyms, in different ways and according to the type of gymnastics they are performing. If you find a gym that has not yet been occupied, you can claim it and become the leader of the gym in question. If a gym was already occupied in Pokémon Go, you’ll face the gym leader. Here you need to approach an agreement with a gym in Pokémon GO.

To challenge the gym leaders in Pokémon GO, you have to be quick to avoid the attacks of his Pokémon (or more Pokemons, should also be friends gym leader Pokémon) using your finger and swiping to the left or to the right. You can avoid the Pokémon and then go to the counter-attack: attacking the opponent can knock Pokémon experience points Pokémon and then defeat him. This way you can release the leading fitness gym opponents.

The step to success is to claim the gym leaving a Pokémon that will not be available on your adventures with us until he is defeated. Placing a Pokémon in a gym, occupying the gym that can be used by your friends, who can go to train their Pokémon.

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Gym on fire

The longer we can keep a busy gym, more will be possible for us to get coins and stardust. Every 21 hours there will be 10 coins and 500 dust particles per Pokémon in the gym. We can claim the prize on the screen of the store in the shield in the upper right.
The prize will be greater if we have many Pokémon in the gym in question. You have to put as many Pokémon in a gym so you'll get bonus much faster.


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