Coach Pokémon Go: How to Level Fast

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It is clear that you have to catch as many Pokémon as possible, even if they are Pokémons you already have in your inventory (although in this case the points earned will be lower). Besides this, to gain Pokémon Go level, you can use the tool Scent: thanks to this object for 30 minutes our experience points are doubled! So when you are in an area full of Pokémon, you have to do is use it and start capturing Pokemons like there’s no tomorrow. It used also by combining all the “flavors” in order to attract many Pokémons at that time surrounding or nearby.

Level up in Pokémon GO is very important as it will allow you to find Pokémon much stronger during your adventures and to strengthen those that already own more and more. But how to go quickly and easily level? Simply using a very lucky egg.

By Pokéstop or from the store you can get a particular object: the fortunuovo. This magical tool will allow you to gain experience points doubled for half an hour. Once activated the egg will flow fast those thirty minutes, we assure you that in the blink of an eye will be finished and if you have not maximized the gain will only end up with a fortunuovo less and with great disappointment on him. But then how do you get the most experience points from a fortunuovo? simple: get ready first.

What about these eggs?
  • Massive value of these tip

The Golden List

Look at this list:

500 XP - Capturing a new Pokémon
500 XP - Evolve a Pokémon
200 XP - hatched an egg
150 XP - Defeat a Pokémon in a gym
100 XP - Capturing a Pokémon

There are other ways to get experience points but at the moment most pepople are not interested. Analyzing the possibilities listed above will notice that the only way less expensive in terms of time is definitely the first: the evolution. Evolve Pokémon is a safe choice and has no variables, because before you can prepare everything you need.
The best choice is definitely Pidgey or any common Pokémon in your area and which are 3 forms, as evolve in its second stage will cost only 12 candies. This choice will guarantee you 1000 points for changing experience.

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