Women love to be courted

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Minnie is a young woman, little more than thirty. She wrote a very nice email, referring to an article I wrote long ago about courtship. I have the feeling that the name is purely fantasy, however, Minnies’s email is very nice and deserved my answer.
Women love to be courted

Hello Abel, can I give you that? But yes, from …
Who knows why I’m trusting you. I just finished reading your article on courtship and wanted to let you know that I share it in full.

I’m thirty-two, a job of responsibility in a pharmaceutical company and I consider myself a beautiful woman. You have no idea how much I would like to meet a man like you.

To us women like to be courted, invite to dinner, receive red roses. Feel important, in the focus of our “he”. What you write is very nice and makes me think you’re a romantic guy and not too bad (I saw the photo). Are you free by chance?

Apart from the jokes, the problem, dear Abel, is that you’re left alone. But where are the men still able to woo a woman? If you know them, by the way my email address …

Minnie, Portland

Men you know how to woo, beat a shot


Dear Minnie, thank you for all the congratulations to me for both the article and the rest.

I am flattered that you would like to meet a man like me but, alas, you will have to put your heart in peace: I am married.

But we come to your legitimate question: but where are the men able to court a woman?

Unfortunately, today’s society (even more than yesterday) has created male stereotypes made exclusively of “muscles and appearance”.

From the television to the coated magazines, a strong, muscular, handsome, authoritarian, virile man emerges increasingly, who cares for his body as much as a woman (in itself is not a bad thing), which has no room to be or seem weak.

It follows that for many men, courtship, as well as living fully in their emotions, is seen as a sign of weakness, not to show.

Not to say, with more malice, like “a pure waste of time”.


Good Treat
  • Women that like to be courted

Is it important? We think yes

In my view, a completely wrong reasoning, how limiting. At least for three reasons:

1. Because you can be virile and sweet to the time stem.

2. Why Worshiping a Woman is perhaps the most beautiful stage of a relationship.

3. Because, just as you confirm, women love to be courted.

In any case you are quiet, though few, men who still want to woo women, exist.

Avoid disarming yourself, as well as avoiding all the girlfriends who read the blog and ask to look for it. Do you bet it's much closer than you can think of?

And if you do not find it, let me know that I am organizing a good seminar on How to Worship a Woman.


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