Women communicate better than men and truly speak less

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According to a specific research, men use more words than women in a day, but they have a weaker eloquence in social situations, use the same words repeatedly and emit unconvincing praise. British researchers said that after studying how men and women communicate, in 2011.

Researchers from the University of Manchester found that when conversations focused on serious issues as current issues, men and women used a similar language, but that they differed a lot when it came to talks in social situations.

The women who participated in the research commissioned by the British insurance company Sheilas’ Wheels, with positive policies for women, had superior communication tools and used a wider variety of words in social situations, while men had problems with their eloquence.

“It is men who speak most likely to guarantee conversation when they engage in social chatter, recycling their words in a ritualistic and redundant language that contains no new information,” said University of Manchester researcher Geoffrey Beattie.

The team of researchers carried recording devices for a week to transcribe 50 conversations, which were divided between men and women about serious and social conversations.

Each conversation was given to five volunteers who read five different versions to which the fifth word was removed and they were asked to guess the missing one.

The men used a few simple words in social situations and the limited variety of their vocabulary became even more marked when it came to praise, the researchers said.

The study showed that men’s compliments were 90% more predictable – often using words like “you”, “really” and “nice” – while women had more details in their praise, which were less predictable and sounded more Authentic

The team at the University of Manchester helped to dispel the myth that women are talkative and revealed that it is men who tend to say stupid things.

Girls speak nice. Boys, well, thanks
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Let´s open another beer, guys!

Only two of 56 other studies that analyzed the differences in communication between men and women concluded that women use more words per day than men - while 24 concluded that men used more.

In many samples, it seems that men feel lazy to start to talk. And in some cases anyone could compare the attitude of a man like that with a troglodyte. Much more if you must talk with a friend of great confidence. He is comparable to a primate.

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