The concept of social network

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Speaking in the social field of the network, which means the set of relationships between people, although not necessarily meet at the same time and same place. The nodes are individuals, groups, organizations, while the lines identify the set of relationships. The network concept can be considered a way of defining the reality of a person, which is the meaning of this attributed to their relationships with the context in which they live, and vice versa, which means that others, relationships and attribute of context to the person himself. Thus, the network concept acquires the role of reading the tool of psychological and social reality.

DIFFERENCE between the network and THE SYSTEM The main difference between the system and the network is given by the meaning of the interaction. If the model of systemic interaction means interdependence, which means in this model communications network. The units that make up the system are, therefore, the interdependent, specialized and differentiated roles, directed to the operation of the system. In the network, on the contrary, the units are not necessarily in mutual interrelation and, especially, any interrelationships are not oriented to the operation of the network itself. Unlike the social system, which has as a necessary requirement for its definition the fact that the “specific interactions between the components examined are more intense, have a different nature to the interactions of the components themselves,” in the network of model units they do not necessarily share the purposes, values, specific crops.

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Interrelations an interrelationships
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One element

The only element that is necessarily common among the components of the network is the direct or indirect relationship with the subject, individual or collective, chosen as the center of the grid, with which the attention to the relations between the units instead of on the representation of the same units.


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