Some differences between men and women at work

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A recent study in Europe on the professional qualities of men and women, shows that the latter are more responsible, are more open to change and show greater orientation to success than their male colleagues. While, according to the study, man has a greater need for power and theoretical thinking. No significant differences were found between men and women in aspects such as: sociability, kindness and work dynamics.

The research was carried out using a personality test on a universe of 500 professionals of different categories and economic sectors.

The study shows that women have a significantly higher score than men on the social desirability scale, that is, they show greater sensitivity to the pressures of their social environment, which leads them to behave according to expectations.

The aspects in which there are no differences between men and women is in factors such as:

  • Sociability, that is, the degree to which a person considers it important to have other people in their work environment and to belong to groups.
  • Kindness, that is, the performance of work in a respectful way with others.
  • Work dynamics, that is, the way in which people perceive their work rhythm and decision making.

There are also no differences regarding the roles that men and women wish to play, but there are differences in the needs that both manifest when performing their work.

In the factors in which women obtain a higher score is in those related to professional responsibility, which includes elements such as thoroughness and organization in the way of working. They also present a higher score in the opening factor to new experiences, that is, to be more open to changes (flexibility), to accept diversity in the ways of doing work. Finally, women show a greater search for professional success and a greater need to be seen positively by the company.


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Men show a clear tendency to seek control and power over others in their jobs. Men also show a greater interest in the theoretical issues of work.

In conclusion, this type of study shows similarities and differences between men and women, which are presented not in the type of task they perform but in the way they face their professional life. It can then be defined that women perform their work with greater orientation to success, responsibility and flexibility, while men seek more to dominate and theorize in their work.


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