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With the aim of Players can increase their non-jackpot winnings, there is a feature that allows them to do to double, triple, quadruple and quintuple the amount of the single prize: Power Play

One way is selecting the Power Play option on the ballot Powerball. The other is telling the retailer in how much the player wants to buy a Power Play ticket. Price of Power Play Tickets in Powerball is $ 1 more per play and higher.

There is a random multiplier number, from 2 to 5, before each draw in the Power Play bet. With “match 5” (matches 5/5 winning numbers) the player wins $ 1 million, a mathematic operation got after take five times thes “Match 5” prize . In case of smaller prizes, we found that a player can match any of the winning number draws; he or she will win an amount like the multiplier was selected at random at the start of the draw multiplied by the original prize.

And there is a Match 5 Bonus. It’s in case the Powerball jackpot reaches a record high. Powerball rules determine the amount of the jackpot will enlarge by up to $ 25 million per draw.

Always the prize of greater value, ie assigned as superior to the amount needed to cover the annualized increase of $ 25 million will be allocated to a special Match 5 Bonus prize.


Madness by Power Play

It is very common that this award is vacant. So it is common to accumulate and increase hoping a jackpot winner appears. Having a winning jackpot, the jackpot with Match 5 Bonus is divided among the winners who match five winning numbers in force.

The jackpot with any Match 5 Bonus prize adds Power Play. The player who wins the Powerball 5 obtains, on the one hand, $ 200,000 and on the other, the part of the Match 5 Bonus prize. Winners match 5 Powerball with Power Play will win $ 1 million (the prize for matching 5 numbers multiplied by 5) plus the part of the Match 5 Bonus prize.

The jackpot that contains Match 5 Bonus will be divided uniformly among the winners of the next level of award, plus the Powerball when the combination that generate the biggest jackpot is not won by players with 5 hits.

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