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The South African Powerball is a lottery active since October 23rd, 2009. This lottery, managed by Gidani, the official operator of the national lotteries of South Africa, and which distributes the revenue obtained through the lottery to many charities in the country. To date, the lottery has become a millionaire a large number of players and its popularity, not only in South Africa but around the world indicates that this lottery has become a highly sought after by players. It is estimated that within South Africa 82% of the players participates in at least a week in extraction, and this makes the game one of the most widely played around the world.

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It´s real

It is not a whim of this report.
The sudaficanas authorities published in the statistics that 82% of the population plays Powerball.
In the Spanish-speaking world they say: "Viva la Pepa"

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