How to play and win the South African Powerball

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To play Powerball in South Africa, players must choose five numbers from a 1/45 matrix, and then another number – the Powerball number – from a second set from 1 to 20. Players can either choose the numbers yourself, or opt for a Quick Pick, which automatically generates the series of numbers. Tickets are on sale from 6:00 to CAT 23:00 on days when there are no draws, and from 6:00 to 18:00 CAT on Sundays. The days of draws, Tuesday and Friday, ticket sales closes at 21:00 CAT, about thirty minutes of the beginning of extraction.

Players can win a prize in the South African Powerball by hitting a single number more obviously the Powerball number. To win the jackpot, however, players have to match all five numbers and the Powerball. In total there are eight different ways to win a prize in the South African Powerball, which means that every week you can win lots of prizes. All prizes up for grabs in South African Powerball are paid in cash and at the moment there is no law that levies a tax on them.

I will win, Willie!
  • South African tendency to look for "magic formulas"


Actually, this custom of veiling "special" techniques is not an exclusive heritage of South Africans. Almost theres is no country in the world where there is not the "cabals".


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