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LinkedIn is the site of a free social networking (with payment optional services), used primarily for the development of professional contacts. LinkedIn is present in over 200 countries.
This social network became a boom in 2009: By then, there were about 30 million users. Then it topped 100 million (March 2011) and had already built 200 million in January 2013. The spread to all continents came to grow at a rate of 1 million subscribers per week.
56% of members residing outside the United States, which along with India, the United Kingdom and Brazil are the countries with the highest number of members (the latter is also the fastest growing). European users are more than 22.1 million and the countries showing greater interest are the Netherlands, France and Italy. LinkedIn covers about 150 economic sectors and over 400 “economic zones”. The company is based in Palo Alto (California).
The main purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of known people and considered reliable in the workplace. People included in the user’s list are called “contacts” are, in fact contacts (connections) of a node (user) within the social network. The user can increase the number of their contacts, inviting more people.
This network of contacts available to the user is made up with all contacts in the user’s contacts from your contacts (“contact second degree”) and all contact contacts in the second degree (“contact third grade”).


Each one looking for the other one
  • Utility level in job search
  • Utility level independent sales
  • Level of use in obtaining staff
  • Level of use in personal exposure

If no patience, no prize

Linkedin is the networking platform of the business person and an easy way to make new contacts for them. In all cases, the exposure in this network, avoiding useless contacts, can offer good results


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