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When it comes to sensitizing users and channeling them to donations online for charity campaigns, social media can be not only an effective medium, but the best method.

Facebook has recently launched fundraising tools throughout Europe, leaving users the ability to identify and choose to which social initiative to allocate their funds, while Twitter already in the past has experienced the button of direct donation, allowing users to donate a small amount to political candidates before the US elections of 2016. Of course, the platform has always been used as a preferential communication channel for charitable organizations, thanks to its essential style, sober and very focused on textual content.


But what about Instagram?

In 2014, a report indicated that only 21% of charitable organizations had an Instagram channel. Now, with the platform that exceeds 700 million monthly active users, this figure is set to increase, even if at the moment it seems to remain in the oblivion of the sector.

And what are the advantages that I can draw charities from the good use of Instagram? How can they make the most of the platform? Here are some examples.

Create spontaneous content
Instagram has doubled its user base in just two years. Most (51%) use it daily, and 35% several times a day. Although commercial brands are mostly those most active on the platform, associations can capitalize on a certain tendency towards social issues that characterize a part of users.



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Really important

Doctors without Borders uses Instagram to showcase their work in the 60 countries where it operates, using photographic contents that portray doctors and nurses in their daily activities. It also uses captions well, accompanying images with engaging texts, telling the most compelling stories.

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